Great Tapas in A Coruña, Spain

A short walk from the waterfront puts you right in A Coruña’s old town, adjacent to the expansive town square, the Plaza de Maria Pita. The cobbled streets of the old town are chock-a-block with restaurants, which don’t really get busy until later in the evening. Tapas bars abound, and they are busy earlier. It seems a lot of people go out to meet friends for tapas and a drink around 8 or 9 pm and then go for dinner after that.

Steve and I adapted to the local tapas scene quite quickly. Each night, after he finished work, we would head out to the charming old town and find a cool place to have appetizers for dinner. Tapas are cheap and filling appetizers, often costing only a couple of euros each. But be choosy. Some of the touristy places on the town square offer more mainstream fare like deep-fried cheese and mini pizzas. But the finer tapas bars that you’ll find off the beaten path offer innovative and exciting morsels like this


and this:


We’ve enjoyed potatoes with garlic alioli, smoked cod with peppers, and puff pastry filled with shrimp or fish in a creamy sauce. Check out the streets around Rua San Andres for an excellent selection of tapas bars.

Some of our favourites:

Cafe Victoria ,15003a, Rua Olmos, 23,15003 A Coruna

Jaleo Vinoteca, Rua Galera 43, 15003, A Coruna

Manteleria, Calle Manteleria15003 A Coruna

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