Mexico for a Moping Mom

So, somehow I ended up in Mexico. Well, I know how, sort of. Steve was supposed to be going on a business trip to India for two weeks right at the start of us being empty-nesters. Our daughter has been in university for going on four years, and I’ve just barely gotten used to it– and our son has just started uni this year. And I didn’t want to stay home by myself and walk past empty kid bedrooms for two weeks.

Because I figured I’d mope. I figured I’d throw myself into My Boy’s closet, sniffing the receding remnants of that slightly musky teenaged-boy smell that was giving way to the more sophisticated odour of cologne and hair product. I figured I’d over-salt my food by crying into my dinners for one. So I booked myself a trip to a beautiful resort in Cancun, for ten days, spanning Steve’s business trip to India, to get over the worst of the shock of my baby moving away to go to university.

And then Steve’s business trip got postponed. And I was booked with a non-refundable ticket. So, off I went to Mexico, leaving Steve at home to walk past empty kid bedrooms and cook meals for one in my absence. He was very busy with work, though, so he had enough to occupy himself. (Or so he bravely said.) And, if you look at the pictures below, you will see that I somehow managed to cope with the guilt of being away.

I had taken a short trip to Secrets St. James, Montego Bay, in February of this year, and those five fabulous days completely sold me on the Secrets brand.  I totally don’t want this blog to make me look like a shill for the places I stay. If I don’t like something, I’ll let you know. But the Secrets resorts have figured out how to do things right and I will tell you that sort of thing too. Stay here. Seriously. This place was awesome.

The view from my balcony. Sunrise over the Atlantic.
My very comfortable room.
The beautiful beach at Cancun.


Dinner at Bluewater Grill

The resort, Secrets the Vine, is an all-inclusive with a wine theme. The windows are etched-glass grapevines. There is a floor-to-ceiling wine display in the lobby. There are sommeliers, and wine-tastings and wine-pairings, oh my! It’s a 20-storey high rise, but it actually feels fairly intimate as the lobby is a manageable size. It doesn’t overly sprawl. In describing it to Steve, I said that it reminded me of staying at the Four Seasons, but with free booze starting at 10 a.m. and seven free restaurants. The restaurants include Asian, Mexican, Mediterranean, Italian and a Steak and Seafood Grill. I was very pleased with the food, which was always beautifully composed and very tasty.

Dessert at Bluewater Grill









If you find yourself at loose ends, excursions can be booked at the concierge, including swimming with whale sharks, day trips to Chichen Itza and swimming in cenotes.  I had enough days so I went snorkelling and to Chichen Itza.   The resort was so lovely that I can’t wait to go back again–with Steve, next time.

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  1. Brenda Kearns says:

    Free booze starting at 10 am? Sounds like a great way to spend your first week as an empty-nester 🙂

    1. It certainly helped! The sun, the beach and the food were also very therapeutic!

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