Funny Signs From Around the World

One of the best things about travel is seeing ordinary life from another country’s point of view–ho hum for them but new and interesting for us. Here are some signs we’ve seen on our travels that I doubt the locals give a second glance–but they sure made us do a double take!

Om nom nom…

You’re in grave danger…

Subway etiquette in Seoul. Serious subject, but with frank, tell-it-like-it-is graphics.


Nothing says ‘relaxing massage’ like a Scream mask.

Caution against drinking on the job. Rough translation: “This little bit of beer doesn’t affect me at all.”

I wonder what this place sells…

…because Wormland has a sale on!

Smoking Kills + Freedom Forever = The Freedom to Die? 

That lobster must have sat out unrefrigerated for too long.

Where is this ‘sweet water’ of which they speak?

I wonder if 450 yards is some sort of record?

Directionally challenged in Dublin.

Sign clearly created by a Verbal Thinker, not a Visual Thinker.

A sign made just for me…

A small street in York that would be fun to spell out for the FedEx guy.

Telling it like it is…

If you were ever wondering how “Kinky Boots” would translate into Korean.

Seen on the grounds of a hotel in Windsor, England.

I think this store is actually called “Dot.” Fonts matter. 

Toilet humour? 

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